Adrienne Hunt completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours, Class 1) at the University of Sydney in 2018.  Her works of Photomedia have targeted the natural environment. The 2017 work, Mind the Gaps, was a series of illusory works intended to challenge the viewer to identify what bit of the world they were seeing.  It comprised print images - providing the ‘Kodak moment’ –evidence of the existence of serene and important places, and a video, Coral Considerations, in which realities are revealed of disparities between reef facts and the underwater realm of contemporary coral reefs.  All were derived from painted constructions – their realism yet artificiality highlighting gaps between human behaviours and facts.  In her 2018 work: A new focus for our time: realities, possibilities and trees a series of photographs served to visualise ecological realities and empathy derived from a sculptural form.  Adrienne is a research affiliate at the Sydney Environment Institute of the University of Sydney.  

All images on this site are copyright protected by Copyright Agency.  All works are displayed as low resolution images, but were created as artworks for printing as limited editions on Cotton fibre paper.  To obtain high quality images please contact Adrienne directly.  

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